AVR-1 Intelli-Tech Fire Sprinkler System

Early fire detection is critical to contain damage and avoid infrastructural as well as lives losses.
AVR-1 solution operates 24×7 as a surveillance system, automatically detects fires at incipient stages and assists in decision-making processes for evacuation procedure, enabling rapid response and support in firefighting operation efforts. Protect your forest. Protect your business. Save the environment.

Protect your premise. Protect your business. Save lives.

AVR-1 Fire Detection & Sprinkler Activation System
Explained in 3-minutes

World's First Intelligent sensor & Video-based false proof fire detection and sprinkler activation system from AUTOVOLTZ – find out how AVR-1 system picks the best sprinkler patterns for quick water spaying to extinguish fire at the first source. While also measuring the amount of water required on for longer fire fighting.

Introduction to World’s First Intelligent Fire Sprinkler Technology

AVR - 1 is the first in revolutionizing the fire protection industry for monitoring and controlling of fire sprinkler system using smart and intelligent technology integrating Control & Monitoring to Evacuation in your hands - dedicatedly designed & developed for easily retrofitting installation in Commercial Buildings, Government Offices, Warehouses, Hospitals, Storages centers and many more. This smart fire sprinkler system can be operated autonomously and manually during fires from miles away and protect your premises autonomously and provide controls and notifications to your hands everywhere and anywhere in the world.

On-Site Fire Safety with the Emergency Alarm Autovoltz Console

In addition to fire sprinkler activation, the Emergency Alarm Console’s multifunctional dashboard allows for video streaming through an integrated camera, giving admin users insight into what hazard is into action. Key events are shown in a Live Data Logger feed on the Console, also displaying the status of AUTOVOLTZ devices in your premise. In the event of an fire emergency, staff can use the Console’s Manual Call Point (MCP) button to immediately call for fire response.

Smarter Fire Safety & Safer Infrastructure

Fire Emergency Alarms are built into the Autovoltz Console platform where organizations can access and manage their fire safety across all their locations under a single pane of glass. Supervisors can easily configure and create emergency events from any of their Consoles to trigger an alarm, and customize who is notified when an alarm is raised.

Emergency Alarm responses may include professional monitoring services like Live Video Surveillance and Emergency Evacuation Capabilities, as well as additional actions including SMS/email alert notifications and manual sprinkler activation during fire. Configuration of sites takes a short time with no need for complex keypad programming.

All alarm events can be reviewed directly from the notification pane, and administrators have full visibility into steps that were taken to properly assess and respond during a fire emergency.

24/7 Response with Professional Monitoring

AVR-1 provides 24/7 professional monitoring, which connects organizations to their fire safety devices standing by to review events and assist customers through fire incidents.

Professional monitoring includes live video surveillance of all alarm events, providing operators with temporary, secured access to video clips that can be used to dismiss false alarms and provide crucial context during fire emergencies.

Professional monitoring also features an Emergency Alert System. In response to an alarm, monitoring agents will reach out via SMS and phone call to a preconfigured list of internal contacts.

Intelligent Fire Safety Ecosystem

Through on-site Fire Safety Equipment integration, enjoy multi-functionality and enhancements such as concierge services with upcoming AUTOVOLTZ devices

Device-To-Device communication driven by IoT Technology, allowing quick and fast data analytics for your premise fire security. With our concierge services, AUTOVOLTZ devices will detect the fire quickly and helps in suppressing the fire at incipient stages.

Integration leads the way in smart, safe and connected environments. By integrating fire systems onto a single network supported by cloud technology, facility managers can proactively check the health and performance of their buildings and fire systems remotely via their laptop, tablet or even smartphone

Artificial Intelligence Is The Future Of Fire Safety

Leveraging AI and Deep Learning to detect incipient stages fire in fraction of seconds, system is accurate in identifying the smoke and fire during fire incipient stages dramatically reducing false positives and the time until firefighters are called onto the scene.

How Autovoltz Works?
01. Explore Smart Fire Safety Products

Look through our affordable new line of products for your premise fire safety and request a quote specifying your already installed premise fire safety equipment details. Our team will contact you in a day or two to arrange for a site visit.

02. Site survey

Our experienced site engineer will visit and complete the best orientation of the site. Engineers will gather information regarding fire layouts, location of obstacles and many more which enables us to quote you an accurate best offer.

03. Book an installation

Now you are ready to convert your Traditional Fire Equipment into Smart Fire Equipment by our Retrofit Solutions. Encounters the best in-class Autovoltz service with rapid hassle-free installation in a short period of time.